Hi! My name is Adrian and I'm a UI/UX Visual Designer.

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My name is Adrian. I was born and raised in Argentina, have lived in Spain, and am now living in the Windy City. I am a UI/UX Visual Designer and enjoy developing creative and compelling end-to-end user experiences.

I started my career in art direction at ad agencies back in Argentina before coming to the States, where I've had the pleasure of helping launch several startups. In addition to UI/UX and Visual Design, I enjoy creating infographics, illustrations and motion graphic design.

When I'm not in front of my computer, you can find me playing volleyball or learning to play the piano or my favorite - the ukulele. I also make a mean empanada.

Knosey App

Knosey is a fictional app that reflects some of the neat things our phones could do with a sense of smell. If you've ever been walking down the street and smelled some amazing barbecue or pizza and wanted to know where it's coming from, Knosey would do just that. Knosey detects the smells of foods in your area and identifies their sources and locations.

Pieces of There

Pieces of There is a curated online marketplace for local products. Its mission is to help people have a piece of their favorite places even when they're far away and feeling homesick. The company came to us for assistance in evaluating marketing strategies and for a website redesign.


Learnerator is a company focused on making learning and test preparation fun through engaging content, detailed explanations and immediate feedback. Currently, Learnerator features content to help prepare students for college entrance exams and 18 subjects of Advanced Placement exams. Learnerator asked for our help in making the various features on their website feel like one cohesive offering.


This section features infographics that I have created by working closely with marketing and client services teams and creating ways to bring data to life in easy to comprehend and visually pleasing ways.